Mosq-Trap Questions and Answers

  1. 1. What does the Mosq-Trapô do?

    Your Mosq-Trapô is designed to reduce mosquito populations by catching the female mosquitoes before they can hatch again.

    2. How long can it take to reduce the mosquito population?

    It may take several weeks of use to reduce the mosquito population to a point that your mosquito problem is under control. You may then choose to discontinue operation of the trap until mosquitoes enter your area again (probably from a new infestation after a hot period with rain)

    3. Can the Mosq-Trapô be used inside as well as outside?

    The Mosq-Trapô Mosquito Trap can be used indoors or outdoors. Place your Mosq-Trapô Mosquito Trap on a flat surface approximately 2 to 3 feet (0.75-1,00 meter) above floor or ground level. Alternatively, install a metal hook through the hole on the lid, and hang the trap approximately 2-3 feet (0.75-1,00 meter) above floor or ground level.

    4. Can the Mosq-Trapô be used in close proximity with humans?

    The Mosq-Trapô is absolutely safe for adults as well as for children. No chemicals are used in the process.

    5. How does the Mosq-Trapô works?

    Mosquitoes are attracted to the Mosq-Trapô by visual and other effects to enter the Mosq-Trapô where they are collected in the Catch Box.

    6. What are the special features ?

    The Mosq-Trapô Mosquito Trap will imitate a human, including human`s breathe, perspiration, temperature, moisture and other properties. It features an electronically controlled LED (Mosq-Trapô DC) or a lure mosquito TUBE (Mosq-Trapô AC) lighting system that produces intermittent light at an oscillating frequency selected to coincide with spectral sensitivity peaks for many mosquito species.

    7. What are the electrical specifications?


    AC/DC Adaptor


    90V-240V AC


    12V DC, 0.5A



    8. Is the Mosq-Trapô absolutely safe for humans?

    This Mosq-Trapô Mosquito Trap is an environment friendly product. All components, such as TiO2, Lactic-Acid and 1-octen-3-ol are all safe to humans, you can use it without concern . Normally, we supply the Mosq-Trapô with three-conjoint plastic bottles placed on the bottom plate, the one in the middle is Octenol and the ones on the left and right side are Lactic-Acid, both substances absolutely safe to humans, but the Octenol smells like mushrooms. If you can smell it, but do not like the smell, you could decide not to use the Mosq-Trapô indoors.

    9. Is it catching other insects, like moths and flies?

    The Mosq-Trapô is not designed to do so, but many other insects (as well as the male mosquitoes can be attracted by the blue light.

    10. Does the Mosq-Trapô needs to work with conjunction with other control measures designed to manage mosquito problems?

    The Mosq-Trapô can be used in conjunction with other sensible control measures designed to manage mosquito problems, like non toxic repellents. Ask your distributor for these products

    11. What temperature needs to be in order your Mosq-Trapô will start working?

    This depends on your country and local circumstances. In most countries in the western hemisphere from the end of May until mid October after a hot period followed by rain.

    12. Is the Mosq-Trapô used in other countries?

    The product is on the market in Italy, France, Canada and UK, Australia. Indonesia and several other countries since last year and very successful.

    13. What to do in case the Mosq-Trapô fails to operate?

    If your Mosq-Trapô Mosquito Trap fails to operate:

    Depending on the situation check your operating manual. If this does not help you to solve the problem, please contact your local distributor or send an email to

    Note: Do not attempt to access the internal electronic components of your Mosq-Trapô Mosquito Trap. Opening of any sealed components will render your warranty invalid.

    14. How often the catch bag needs to be emptied?

    Depending on the quantity catched and the density of the mosquito population in your area we recommend every second day before dawn.

    15. How often the lactic-acid and octenol needs to be changed?

    Depending on moisture and temperature 2-3 months

    16. Are there any side effects to worry about?


    17. Can the Mosq-Trapô operate on batteries?


    18. What is the price for a Mosq-Trapô?

    The recommended retail price is depends on the country. Distributors please contact .

    19. What are the prices for disposals?

    Set catch bags (10 bags) ask your distributor

    It takes 12 to 20 hours for the mosquitoes catched to dry and die after you have switched off the device. To have more than one catch bag makes replacing easier to dispose your catch more frequently.

    Attractants (set of 3 containers) ask your distributor

    20. How long is delivery time?

    Normally 5 to 10 working days. Please order in time.

    21. What about spare parts?

    Please contact your local dealer from whom you bought the device. His/her information can be found on Operational Manual. If you for what ever reason were not able to contact your distributor please send usan email

    22. How long is the warranty?

    Depending on your countries legal regulations with a minimum of 12 months after purchase

    23. What does the warranty cover?

    Any parts found to be faulty due to defects in materials or workmanship.

    24. What does your warranty not cover?

    · Damage from commercial use
    · Damage from misuse, abuse or neglect
    · Damage that is the result of an accident, normal wear and tear or incorrect assembly/operation/maintenance
    · Damage from shipping
    · Damage resulting from repairs attempted by persons other than the manufacturer or its authorized repair agents
    · Consumable items, e.g. catch bags, Lactic-Acid and Octenol and lamps
    · Consequential or Incidental damages.

    25. What will we do to help you?

    Repair the failed part, or provide you with a reasonably similar replacement product or part that is either new or factory refurbished.

    26. How do you get service?

    Proof of purchase(e.g. sales receipt) is required before warranty service is rendered.

    27. Whom should you contact in case you have a question?

    Please contact your local distributor or send us an email to

    28. Whom should you contact in order to get distribution rights? What needed for that?

    Just send an eMail toand we will contact you as soon as possible.